The Bellevue Girls Water Polo Team is THIRD in the State!


May 29th, 2017
It was a fantastic weekend for Girls Water Polo! A big shout out to Keith and Maddie Klein for hosting the team and WaPo parents at their Lakewood residence for a salt water poolside BBQ feast and R&R afternoon both Friday and Saturday! Fun and memorable Wolverine time!

Going into States, several girls received Division Distinctions:
Honorable Mention — Holly Harris
2nd Team — Natasha Schmid and Jenna Frazer
All three Captains received 1st Team Honors — Morgan Baker, Sophia Simons and Sophia Schmid.


Here is the recap of States!

They had a terrific tournament this weekend starting with a big win against Wilson Thursday evening at the Curtis Pool in University Place. 12-2 final score. Natasha Schmid and Elena Acevedo split the coveted sprints two each. Erica adroitly defended the goal the entire game with numerous saves. Goals were scored by Team Captain Morgan Baker (4…3 were ALL Morgan, dragging opponents through the water to the goal for the finish!), Team Captain Sophia “Rock Lobster” Schmid (2), Sophomore Leading in Steals Jenna Frazer (2), Holly Harris (2…one slap in score off perfect pass from Natasha Schmid), Natasha Schmid (2…one 5M Penalty shot expertly drawn by Morgan). These were assisted by Natasha (2), Senior Sarah Kim and Speedy Elena. Holly Harris drew SIX ejections; fellow hole-setter Tatiana Pasewark got pummeled as well, drawing two more. The Schmid sisters each drew an ejection, too! Natasha, Sarah Kim and Holly greedily grabbed 2 steals each plus steals from Katie, Jenna, Elena and Morgan.

This win moved us up to a game against #2 seeded Curtis Friday evening. Thank you to the Kleins for having the team for dinner, film and general relaxation before the Curtis game. This was a tough match-up with a tougher crowd on home turf advantage at every level. Sophia Simons defended the goal — too many shots to count! She was amazing! Natasha Schmid scored our only goal. Final score 11-1. Jenna led in steals (5), along with Maddie, Natasha and Schmiddie. Morgan and Schmiddie each drew 2 ejections, along with Tatiana. The score definitely does not tell the story.

We qualified for another game Saturday morning against Puyallup where we won handily, flipping that last score to our advantage 11-1. Erica expertly defended our goal. Goals were scored by Morgan Baker (4…3 goals and one 5M Fierce Penalty shot that Natasha drew for the team), Jenna Frazer (2), Natasha Schmid, Holly Harris, Madison Klein, Katie Duff and Elena Acevedo. These were assisted by Natasha (2), Morgan, Holly and Erica from the goal (a perfectly placed pool-length pass to Morgan). We were on a ball-hogging rampage with steals by Madison (3), Jenna (2), Tati (2), Morgan, Schmiddie, Katie, Natasha and SKIM Sarah Kim.

With the Puyallup win, we earned a berth in the semi-final match battling for 3rd or 4th in the State versus rival Newport. Our girls were not going to settle for another State loss to Newport (last year). After a fantastic BBQ on the salt water pool deck at Maddie’s, the girls proved their strength, defeating the Knights 6-3. Natasha and Elena sprinted for possession. Sophia Simons was TOUGH in the goal! Jenna and Holly assisted with goals. Natasha had 5 steals, along with Jenna, Holly, Morgan, Elena and Schmiddie. Morgan and Holly each drew two ejections and Schmiddie drew a Penalty shot for Morgan. Elena got the momentum going at the beginning of Q3 with a hat trick of the Sprint Win, followed by a Steal, followed by drawing an Ejection. Goals were scored by Morgan (4…one Penalty shot) and Sophia Schmid (2). Katie slashed for the ball ending up in a jump ball call, which she won! Super exciting game and stellar outcome for the Wolverines, 3rd place in the State, their highest yet.

BHS Girls received State Honors:
Honorable Mention — Natasha Schmid and Jenna Frazer
2nd Team — Sophia Schmid and Sophia Simons
1st Team — Morgan Baker


Also, see the Bellevue Reporter article from last week with more information about Regionals.

Wolverines capture regional title