“BHS Girls Water Polo has had a tremendous effect on our daughter Alex.  She’s gained strength both physically and mentally, becoming more confident in herself and her athleticism. It’s a welcoming and wonderful community to be a part of.”
– Stephanie Simmons

Our daughter has developed leadership and speaking skills, as well as determination and perseverance, all from playing on the BHS girls water polo team. To her, the tight-knit, supportive water polo community and the staunch support of Coach Kaseguma has been the most important aspect of her BHS experience, and played a significant role in being accepted to her college of choice.”
– Stacie LeBlanc-Anderson

I love the traditional sports like baseball, football and basketball, but before my daughter started playing water polo I had no idea how exciting a game it was. Now I find myself watching college games on the Pac-12 network. It’s like watching a high scoring soccer game in the water.”
– Jon Ugelstad

“Without a doubt, being a part of the BHS Girls Water Polo Team was a highlight of Morgan’s freshman year. It was so encouraging for Morgan to be a part of a team where she felt truly comfortable being herself!”
– Traci Baker

“Never watched it. Never played before.  Now Sophia can’t get enough of it!  She went on to encourage her sister Natasha to play.  Natasha is now addicted to water polo as well!  And then, no surprise here, Sophia & Natasha talked little sister Cassandra into playing this exciting game.  It’s a family sport!
– Tina Schmid