Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Why should I play water polo?

Water Polo is the most exciting, challenging and demanding of all team sports. It takes endurance and strength and incorporates elements of soccer, basketball and softball. But unlike soccer, there’s no downtime (everyone plays offense and defense); unlike basketball, size isn’t the most important factor; unlike softball, everyone touches the ball. If you like to swim, enjoy constant action and love team sports, water polo is the perfect sport for you.

2.) What basic skills do I need to play water polo?

Prospective athletes should be able to swim 100 yards and tread water for at least 1 minute without stopping.

3.) Is water polo safe?

Yes. Despite being a physical, high-contact sport, water polo is quite safe. Concussions and major head injuries are incredibly rare. Broken bones, tears and sprains may be common on the field, but they rarely occur in the water. Coaches (and several athletes) are First-Aid, CPR and lifeguard certified.

4.) What season is girls water polo?

Girls water polo is a Spring sport.

5.) Is girls water polo a no-cut sport?

Yes. Girls water polo is one of the few no-cut team sports at Bellevue High School.

6.) I’m an incoming freshman. How do I sign-up?

To sign-up for water polo, please contact the BHS Athletic Department at (425) 456-7000 and email us at bellevuegirlswaterpolo@gmail.com.

7.) I played a different sport last year. Now I want to play water polo. Is it possible to switch?

Yes. It’s never too late to try water polo!

8.) How do I know if I am eligible to practice?

In order to practice, athletes must (a) complete an online sports registration; (b) have a current physical exam on file with BHS; (c) pay all outstanding fines with the school, district and Athletic Department; (d) sign and adhere to the BHS Purple Policy code; (e) register with USA Water Polo (see #10 below); and (f) follow all WIAA eligibility rules outlined here.

9.) How do I know if I am eligible to play in games?

In order to play in games, athletes must satisfy the requirements outlined above and (a) maintain a cumulative GPA above a 2.0; (b) maintain passing grades in six classes; (c) have passed six classes in the previous semester.

10.) What is USA Water Polo?  Why do I need to join?

USA Water Polo (USWP) is the national governing body for the sport of water polo. All athletes must register with USWP because USWP provides important insurance coverage. Memberships are $35 per calendar year. Click here to register (Bronze Membership is adequate).

11.) I’m already a USA Water Polo Member with a year-round club. Do I need to register again?

No. As long as you are a current USA Water Polo Member, you are all set.

12.) I live within the Bellevue High boundary but attend a private school. Can I play for Bellevue High?

Yes. As long as your private school does not offer water polo, you are allowed to play for Bellevue High School per WIAA eligibility rules. If your private school has a water polo team, you must play for your private school.

13.) I live within the Bellevue High boundary but attend the International School. Can I play for Bellevue High?

Yes. Per WIAA eligibility rules, you are allowed to play for Bellevue High School.

14.) I live outside of the Bellevue High boundary, but my high school does not offer water polo. Can I play for Bellevue High?

No. Per WIAA eligibility rules, you are not allowed to participate for Bellevue High School. If your high school does not offer water polo, you can participate on a club team such as Rain City Water Polo. Or even better, start your own team! To find out how, contact us at bellevuewaterpolo@gmail.com.

15.) Who do we play?

There are 24 girls water polo teams in Washington. We compete in the North Division against Bainbridge Island, Inglemoor, Mercer Island, Newport, Roosevelt and Shorewood. At the end of the season, the top North Division teams compete against the top East, West and South Division teams for the State Title.

16.) What tournaments do we attend?

Varsity attends one or two tournaments during the regular season. Junior Varsity attempts to attend at least one regular season tournament. For more information about tournaments, click here.

17.) What equipment do I need to purchase?

All you need is a swimsuit, goggles and a towel. Team suits, specially-made for water polo, will be ordered at the beginning of each season.

18.) I’m a future Wolverine in elementary or middle school.  How can I prepare for high school water polo?

The best way to prepare for high school water polo is to participate on a youth club team such as Rain City Water Polo. For more information, visit their website.

19.) How much does it cost to play?

Because water polo is a club sport, we do not receive funding from Bellevue High School. A typical season costs ~$500 per athlete, not including tournaments and team gear.

20.) Are there fundraisers to help offset the cost to participate?

Yes, the team typically sells Brown Bear car wash tickets.

21.) Are scholarships available?

Yes. Scholarship requests are handled on a case-by-case basis by the team treasurer.

22.) I still have questions.  Who should I contact?

Contact us at bellevuegirlswaterpolo@gmail.com.