Lady wolverines play Bainbridge Islanders, JV team still undefeated

The Dedicated Lady Wolverines Water Polo Team stayed in town for spring break to train and travel to Bainbridge Island where they braved the Spartans and emerged victorious 17-4 on Thursday, April 13th. BHS controlled all four sprints with Natasha Schmid’s blistering speed winning three of the four quarter opening sprints and Elena Acevedo claiming the fourth. Fans were tense when the Spartans scored with their first possession in the first minute of play. This tension did not even have a chance to mount with Team Captain Morgan Baker crushing the first quarter from the corner, from the center, from way outside, with an assist from Holly Harris, and an assist from Elena totaling 5 goals, providing a comfortable lead before focusing on coordinating and practicing plays the three subsequent quarters.

Nerves of Steel Team Captain Goalie Sophia Simons saved 6 clean shots in the first half of the game before passing the baton to Goalie Erica Esselstrom to save another 5 in the second half. Team Captain Schmiddie’s (Sophia Schmid) Q1 steal set up one of Morgan’s goals. Natasha wasted no time on a fast break for a goal bringing the score to 6-1 BHS. Jenna Frazer’s steal put us in position right at the end of the quarter, but we couldn’t take advantage.
Q2 scoring started with Natasha’s 4 M cross cage corner goal. Our defense held the Spartans well; Kudos to Morgan for deflecting what would have been a sweet Bainbridge goal and for two more steals. Bainbridge scored with a man-up, but lost momentum with a penalty foul. Elena took the 5 meter shot and was denied. 7-2 BHS at the half.
Q3 Katie Duff took the first shot for Bellevue after quickly posting up in the shallow end. The Bainbridge defense and crowd were getting more animated as the game progressed. Holly Harris and Katie Duff were working with a lot of elbows, trying to seal. Morgan passed to Holly; she steps out and scores. 8-2 BHS. Shortly after, Elena takes it in for 9-2. Now the team is practicing plays. Elena gives a nice assist to Natasha for a goal. Pressure from Jenna’s dexterous defense forced a turnover. With Natasha out, man down, Bainbridge scored. 10-3 BHS. Natasha is redeemed instantly after Duff’s quick reaction assist for another goal from the corner for Natasha, ending the quarter 11-3.

Q4 Final quarter is was Natasha back to Katie for her beautiful bullet into the goal. Morgan made another steal look effortless. Katie and Elena’s celerity gives the spectators whiplash, darting to the opposite end of the pool. Now Bellevue is on a tirade. It is all about possession. Elena steals; Natasha steals and passes to Holly who spins and scores from the hole, 13-3 BHS. We get surprised by a Bainbridge long bomb lob into the goal 13-4 BHS. Then is it Holly to Schmiddie who targets the corner, 14-4 BHS. Jenna has not had the ball enough and steals again. We are man up for another Schmiddie perfect projectile from point, 15-4 BHS. Somehow, through a forest of arms, Elena threads a goal, 16-4; Natasha nails it shut with her 5th goal, 17-4 BHS. One more steal by Holly, a precise pass from Morgan to Natasha, and Jenna safeguards the sphere till the clock runs dry. Final score 17-4 Bellevue.  The team high tailed it, still dripping chlorine, to the ferry line to get back to an Ivar’s dinner on the waterfront. This week the Varsity girls play Inglemoor at home at the Edgebrook Club Wednesday 4/19 at 6:00, JV at 7:15. Then they head to Beaverton, Oregon for the Rose Cup Tournament over the weekend. So far, the only Varsity loss has been to the formidable Gig Harbor year-round squad. Way to go, Girls!



The JV Girls were undefeated this weekend in their games against Northwest Girls and Northwest Boys. Claire Zhong and Chloe Liu protected the goal in both games. Final score in the game vs NW Girls was 7-4 BHS. Goals were scored by Katie Duff (2), Jamie Paik, Erica Esselstrom (2), Grace Li (2) and Sophia Simons. Sprinters took three of the four sprints. The girls matched up against the NW Boys team and won 8-7. Sophia Simons led the team in steals (4) and Bellevue won three of the four sprints in this game as well. Goals were scored by Katie Duff (4), Erica, Katie Morris and Grace (2). Congratulations JV Team!